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Anyway, it was snowing and as they turned a corner they saw a barefoot young girl wearing a dress and a green shawl. Of course they stopped to help her, and she got in the back seat. She didn't say much, and when they asked her where she lived, she pointed to a farmhouse in the distance. A few minutes later, when they pulled into the driveway, she was gone!

The couple were puzzled but got out of the car and knocked on the farmhouse door.

A somber, grey-haired woman answered, and the couple explained that their mysterious passenger had said this was her house. In Charles Dickens' famous novel "A Christmas Carol," cold-hearted miser Ebenezer Scrooge has a change of heart after being visited by several ghosts representing different eras of his life's Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

Ghosts are often associated with life lessons and morality tales, and these spooks are no exception. The ghosts aren't wasting time rattling chains or scaring kids; instead the Ghost of Christmas Past rehabilitates Scrooge by showing him visions of his past Christmases. Scrooge comes to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas- no, not holiday commercialism but friendship and goodwill.

One day, in the early s in Hydesville, New York, a young peddler arrived at the home of a Mr. Bell to sell his housewares. He was invited into the home by the Bells' housekeeper and in fact stayed for some days.

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The maid was shortly dismissed from service but abruptly rehired a week later. The peddler was gone, but many of his items were now in use in the Bells' kitchen. The maid thought little of it until she began experiencing strange, ghostly phenomenon, only to find out from the peddler's ghost that he had in fact been murdered in her absence. At least that was the story told by two sisters named Maggie and Katie Fox, who claimed to communicate with the ghost. Years later, the sisters admitted it had all been a hoax; there was no murdered peddler, and the spirit communications had been faked.

Still, the sisters had inadvertently founded a religion called Spiritualism, which is still practiced today. The Murdered Peddler is the only fake ghost whose presence started a real religion. A few years after he was buried, his bones were dug up and transported along what is now Route so they could be buried forever in the family plot in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

Top 10 ghost stories

Aaron Burr was once a political force who went toe-to-toe with Thomas Jefferson in a contest for the presidency, and is half of the reason why Presidents and Vice Presidents run on the same ticket rather than individually. After he fled from the duel to evade authorities, Burr rested for a time in New Hope, Pennsylvania. In and around the Aaron Burr House, you can see the ghost peering around corners, checking behind himself as he walks and examining people suspiciously. Speaking of the third President, drafter of the Declaration of Independence and influential philosopher, polyglot and political theorist, Thomas Jefferson himself seems to still be attached to the land he dedicated his life to improving.

Interestingly, Jefferson died deeply in debt and anxious over his inability to pass Monticello on to his heirs, who had to sell it. Perhaps his worry provoked his spirit to continue on in the property in death so that, even if it could no longer be his, he could at least preserve it. It seems that all wishes and desires most sought by the deceased become true; Addy is a beautiful girl on the other side, Elsa Mars becomes a famous singer and is reunited with her troupe of freaks , and Donovan is in a happy place where it is always a Saturday morning and the air smells of pancakes with blueberries.

Abandoned in America: 10 American Ghost Towns to Visit | WhereTraveler

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