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Spirituality - Ropley C.E. Primary School

Although this may go against the grain in traditional corporations, initiate emotional engagement with other people, and maybe even a bit of physical contact - within acceptable boundaries of course. It's safest with someone of the same gender, unless you know the other person well. Physical contact is an immensely powerful thing. Many people really enjoy a good hug - in fact sometimes it's the only cure when people are upset or angry.

Physical contact does however carry certain risks in the workplace because of the risks misinterpreting signals, so if in doubt don't use it. Nevertheless there are times when you can trust your instincts and reach out to people in this way, even if it's a gentle touch on the arm, or a pat on the back. Being friendly though is perfectly safe. Go out of your way to greet a colleague you haven't seen in a while.

Be the first to say hello. Never ignore someone because you think they ignored you first - they probably never even noticed you because they were still thinking about the big game last night, or whether they left the oven on.

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The world is full of people who wait for the other person to initiate contact. No wonder people don't generally communicate well - they are all too busy thinking they've been ignored, when in fact nothing can be further from the truth. Everyone longs for the other person to initiate content and give them a big friendly smile. And that's the way it starts - then you do begin to do it more often, and then other people try it too because they see it's safe and nobody dies, and before long everyone on the floor is happy to make the first move, then it spreads to the whole building.

Because everyone realises it's okay to be open and friendly. Individuals at all levels of an organization welcome being treated as a full person, not just a workmate or a phone extension, or an email address. So put yourself out there: approach people as people - in a genuinely friendly way - be affectionate and caring - through hugs and pats when it's okay, or simply through a big warm smile. Demonstrate integrity and stand up to unethical comments or decisions. Move past your own discomfort when it comes to doing the right thing, even and especially when no one is watching.

Challenge that inappropriate joke or derogatory remark.

16 life changing books to read in 12222

If it's wrong don't laugh because everyone else does and it's difficult not to. It's not always necessary to challenge things vocally - sometimes staying silent is challenge enough. Stand up for people who are not represented in the conversation.

You'll be recognised as a leader for enhancing the conscience of the group or organization. Sometimes it's very difficult indeed to do the right thing, especially if the whole organization and all the people around you are advocating and accepting something that's wrong. But often all it takes is one brave soul to ask a sensible question, "Do we all really believe that this is the right thing to do? And then lots more people will feel strong enough to say they don't agree either, and then you have a real basis for building something good and ethical. Sometimes all it takes is one brave soul, and that can be anyone.

It can be you. Use your deepest instincts to decide what is right, to feeling centred and confident, and to connect with and value other people. These are the behaviors which enable organizations to respond successfully to the challenges of the modern world. It's not about table-thumping or shouting, and it's not about costs and profit. It's about fundamental spiritual things like love, caring for and respecting people including yourself ; the quieter gentler 'feminine' strengths and skills that all of us possess - men and women - and which we all must now to be able to use.

Organizational culture-shifts happen not because someone at the top makes a pronouncement - a culture-shift happens when the attitudes and behaviors of their people change. At the root of any successful change you will increasingly find the qualities of love and trust, which together create the freedom for us to make the right decisions, to connect with others, to challenge and to innovate.

A trusting organization that values and encourages the softer 'feminine' traits among all of its people is one that leverages diversity and harmony. And that, in anyone's book, makes good business sense. She specialises in coaching executives and professionals to develop global teams, leadership and to leverage cultural diversity.

She has over 15 years of corporate experience in this field having consulted with many multi-national corporations in the US, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East. Barbara's contribution of this article and cooperation in the edit are gratefully acknowledged. Here is a powerful article by Sonia Stojanovic which echoes and extends many of the ideas about love and spirituality on this page. It is reproduced here with permission, which is gratefully acknowledged. She specialises in organisational transformation. In this article Sonia explains her vision and views about the cultural shift facing business and the world at large.

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The article also describes the achievements of ANZ Bank in bringing positive change to its people, customers and banking. Soleira and Santari Green run 'New Visionaries', a focal point for visionary leadership, evolutionary coaching and self-fulfilment. As with Barbara Heyn McMahan's article, Sonia Stojanovic's experiences and methodology illustrate that Love and spirituality have a real and crucial place in the modern corporate world.

The concepts of love and spirituality are if anything more valid in today's challenging corporate environment than the traditional business leadership pursuit of economic ruthlessness. My vision is to bring love into business. To recognise that everything is love, that business doesn't need to be the kind of 'dog eat dog', hard-edged, market driven process, which we see developed in its biggest extremes today. That it can return to shareholders while also contributing to the community and giving meaning to people's lives.

My work is about getting people and organisations to have the courage and energy to look at and accept that the whole person has a place in the workplace, as opposed to the historical perspective that subscribes to the adage that the person who turns up for work is part of a machine as a human resource.

The Pursuit of Happiness

It's about having the recognition that the whole person has a whole life and that we don't have to turn off parts of our lives and ourselves as we walk in the door. Once we can get people to get that, then they're up for doing the transformational work. This shift in root perspective is key to the work that I do. The key is to have people get that while we are taking them on a personal journey of transformation, we are also able to measure and track that it's good for business.

It does have to have a positive impact on business performance and not just be a touchy, feely, nice thing to do. We can prove this impact now on a wide range of measures. It makes intuitive sense that if people are their whole selves and are authentic with each other that the positive relationships that result will produce in an uplift in productivity. We can offer that as the strange attractor to others to follow suit. You know that restaurant scene in 'When Harry Met Sally', where the woman says I want some of what she's having. When someone sees that someone else is having something good that they don't have, it becomes the strange attractor.

This is one of the ways to influence global culture shifts.

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We demonstrate that it can and does work and then others begin to want some of that. Once in the door, we work with people and organisations in a transformational way and the productivity, creativity and engagement becomes a fait accompli. I believe this is due in great part to three things:. The baby boom generation are the ones now leading these big companies and the baby boomers were either involved in, or on the fringes of, the 60's when the idea of love, peace and all that stuff came in to the vernacular.

They've gone through their 'making hay while the sun shines' days and they're in their mid 50's and 60's now reflecting back, as I do, on what that was all about, thinking 'there's got to be a better way. What am I leaving for future generations and how will I be remembered?

Part 2. Spiritual Quotes That Are…

The younger generations are saying very clearly, "We don't want to be like you. In fact we resent the way you are, the 'me only' generation and we want something different. Yes we'll come and work for you and of course your money is important, but that just gets us in the door. So unless there's the challenge and the contribution that I want to work for, then I'm not going to stay.

I feel this agitation of the field of business is a healthy one.