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In situations like these, most of us tend to switch our order and pick something else. Even though research finds that it makes us less satisfied with what we end up eating. So why do we switch?

Niall Ferguson on History’s Hidden Networks

Social influence is like a magnet. Sometimes it attracts and leads us to do the same thing as others, but other times it repels and causes us to do something different. When ordering in group settings, our desire to be different leads us to pick something else, even though it makes us less happy.

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How would you expect social influence to work when someone decides which presidential candidate to support? We think we pick our candidates based on our personal preferences. Our attitudes, likes and dislikes. But it turns out that party matters more than policy. If people think a given political idea is supported by their party, they love it.

But take that same policy, tell people the other side supports it, and suddenly their opinions completely switch. Now they hate it. Clean energy is less expensive, improves national security because we rely less on Arab nations for oil , and allows individuals to generate their own power. All things that conservatives should love. But if you look at why conservative support has lagged, many people point to the fact that clean energy is associated with liberals.

Full text of "[ Jonathan Black The Secret History Of The World Bo"

If Al Gore supports it, it must not be for me. They also depend on the identity or signal associated with a given behavior. If people we want to look like are doing something, we do it. But if people we want to avoid looking like are doing something, then we stay away.

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Secret History: Hidden Forces That Shaped the Past

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But if a fifth force exists in nature, something different will happen. It carries the equivalent of a dark electromagnetic force. But by comparing the energy and direction of the positrons fired in, with whatever comes out, scientists can tell if an invisible particle has been created and work out its mass. Though normal photons are massless, dark photons are not, and Padme will search for those up to 50 times heavier than an electron. The dark photon, if it exists, would have an imperceptible influence on what makes up the world we see. But knowing its mass, and the kinds of particles it can break down into, would provide the first glimpse of what makes up the bulk of the universe that is beyond our perception.

The Padme experiment will run until at least the end of the year, but there are tentative plans to move the instrument to Cornell University in There it would be hooked up to a more powerful particle accelerator than in Italy to broaden its search for dark photons. Other laboratories around the world are also looking for dark photons.

From Genius to Madness

Bryan McKinnon, a research fellow at Glasgow University, is involved in the search for the particle at the Thomas Jefferson national accelerator facility in Virginia. Physicists have little idea how complex the dark sector might be.